It’s morally wrong to work from home — Elon Musk declares

American billionaire businessman, Elon Musk says it’s “morally wrong” for anyone to work remotely.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC’s David Faber on Tuesday, May 16, the Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter CEO described the people working remotely as “laptop classes”, saying that the issue extended beyond productivity concerns.

According to him, “I think that the whole notion of work from home is a bit like the fake Marie Antoinette quote, ‘Let them eat cake’. Get off the goddamn moral high horse with the work-from-home bul¥§hit.

The laptop class is living in la la land. Look at the cars, are people working from home here? Of course not. The people building the cars, servicing the cars, building houses, fixing houses, or making the food, making all the things that people consume.

It’s me§§ed up to assume that, yes, they have to go to work, but you don’t. It’s not just a productivity thing, I think it’s morally wrong.”

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