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“It’s not possible for a BOY to like HER mummy” – Bobrisky schools young men in her DM

Bobrisky has once again reiterated that he is only available for wealthy and grown individuals.

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, whose popular name is Bobrisky, has a message for all young men sliding into his DM to profess their love to him.

The Cross-dresser who most times makes a show of his luxury home to his followers on Instagram has now urged all young men sliding into his DM to keep off as he noted that he’s their mummy and it’s impossible for a mother to engage in a sexual relationship with her son.

Bobrisky noted that she’s more sexy than to be involved in such taboo advising them to leave her hot body for the grown men.

Bobrisky, by virtue of just existing, introduced into the Nigerian society a set of ethics and morals which are not aligned with the assumed social norm of Nigeria.

He has been received with mixed feelings as she has a fair number of fans and critics alike. On a notable occasion, a Nigerian presidential aide walked out of a premises on sighting Bobrisky within the residence.

Bobrisky has a fair share of fans and has been asked by certain event planners to give speeches at their events.[19][20] In 2019, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, Director General of Nigeria’s National Council for Arts and Culture, called Bobrisky “a national disgrace” and said she would be “dealt with ruthlessly” if caught on the streets.

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