It’s wicked to have a child while on a N19,000 salary – Reno Omokri


Nigerian lawyer and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has stressed the need for investment to grow one’s income.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Thursday night, Omokri argued that anyone who earns $50 (N18,975) monthly still needs to save, lest they should never think of starting a family.

In a series of tweets, Omokri added that people with poor mindsets would rather buy shoes than invest in what will improve their minds such as books.

He wrote:

“Even if you earn $50 a month, still invest, otherwise, you will keep earning $50 the rest of your life. If it means you must starve to invest, so be it. Because you need more money to start a family. You must be wicked if you have a child with $50 salary.

“People with poor mindsets invest more on a shoe than in themselves. They can buy shoes for $500, but they won’t spend even $5 on a book to improve their mind. Meanwhile, a shoe will last for maybe 2-5 years, but their minds will last them for a lifetime.

“Invest in your mind. Read wholesome books. Invest in your body. Eat wholesome foods. Invest in your spirit. Pray wholesome prayers. Once your spirit, soul, and body are filled with goodness, then goodness and mercy will follow you through life.”


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