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I’ve never understood why sugar babes claim hard work — Lady says

Nigerian businesswoman and communication consultant, Amanda Chisom has placed her two cents on women who date sugar daddies yet and are discreet about it.

Taking to her Facebook page, Amanda noted that she will own it with pride if people tag her as a runs girl because every work is work whether in bed or out of bed.

According to Amanda Chisom, she does not know why some ladies or sugar babes as she termed attribute their success and material achievement to hard work if truly a man bought it for them.

She wrote;

I will keep saying it, if I am doing runs like I hear I am doing, I will say it, nobody will kill me. You will not even assume to shame me with it because I will own it with my chest.

I have never understood why sugar babes claim hard work, well to be fair work nah work, whether in bed or out of it, work is work. If a man buys me a car, I will say it nobody will kill me. If I buy it with my money, I will say it, this need to stay on the good side in public and the bad side where only God sees it , is somehow.

Abroad escorts have website and even their social media indicates they are escorts, in Nigeria, you will see them trying to act like they are working at block industry or jumping on molue in Lagos traffics to go buy vegetables to sell.

Own your hustle so that those you are inspiring will choose their path rightly. Not telling them you are doing A and they will be doing A not knowing you support A with B. Next up side chic of men who are married to or dating to public figures.


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