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Journalist tells her shocking story of how fake disabled man scammed her in Lagos


A certain journalist identified as ‘Ayomide Owonibi Odekanyin’, has just disclosed a shocking story of how she was scammed by a fake disabled man in Lagos and it is indeed surprising.

Taking to her facebook, Ayomide recounted her encounter with the fake disabled man began after she went to Shoprite to get something which was way above her budget.

The journalist disclosed that after she gave the fake disabled man money from all she had, she later met him at Mr. Biggs with no disability.

Here’s what she wrote below;

“I have been scammed…. A whole me… Lagos girl… Chai…. So i dashed into shop rite to get something…. All in all i had 1500…i checked the price of what i wanted to buy, and it was a little above my budget… So i let it go… As i was about stepping out…. A crippled young man walked up to me and said, “aunty please buy something for me.” I pretended not to hear and he limped away sadly…. I was so touched that i ran after him and from the depths of my heart gave him 500.

While window shopping i got tired and decided to rest my feet. I went to Mr Biggs at the food court and grabbed a seat. Lo and behold i saw the crippled guy eating a full plate of rice, chicken, moi moi, beef, coleslaw and a big bottle of coke and bottled water to go with it….. He almost choked when he saw me…….i sat down and watched him eat the food…he hurriedly got up and to my HORROR…. He walked away without limping….”


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