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“Jude Okoye made me sleep On TV carton while writing songs for Psquare” – Singer Mr May D reveals

Artistes that have been previously signed to Psqaure’s Square records are coming out to register their displeasure against the head of the record Label, Mr. Jude Okoye.

Former artist, May D has expressed his displeasure at the treatment he received from Psquare as he was made to sleep with drivers and cook in the same room without a bed in it while the twins stayed in one of their mansions and the other wing of the mansion was unoccupied.

Mr. MayD has made the revelation after another previous artists signed to square records, Cynthia Morgan had similar issues.

According to May D, when he was with Psquare, he had no bank account.

He also alleged that was made to share a room and toilet with their cook and driver despite the fact that their other duplex was empty.

He took to popular Micro blogging platform, Twitter to make the shocking revelation.

He wrote;

“When I speak , people think I’m ungrateful, but the truth will always come out one way or the other last last cuz I’m a covenant child!”

One Okikiola replied, alleging that the cause of his own ordeal was that he was greedy, he wrote;

“Fvck u retard! Do you know I was with Psquare since 2008 I never had a bank account!!”

“How can you say greed when I never billed them for anything I have ever done for them in my life! From writing credit and vocal credit on the invasion album … ask them if I was ever greedy! Just let them say it!”

“For your information I was staying in their boys squatters with their driver and their cook just one room all of us shared a toilet and I had big songs and also the other side of their twin duplex was empty! Now! I slept on brand new television carton used my shirt as cover cloth”

“Dont ever in your life , say I’m greedy again.. I’m the most reasonable person you can ever meet!!”

“I will stop there for now !!”

Read Mr. MayD’s words below:


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