Keep your kids away from Nigerian celebrities — Socialite PrettyMike tells parents


Once again, Lagos socialite, Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu better known as Pretty Mike, has done what he knows how to do best has made some comparisons between parents in the 80s and today’s parents.

The socialite has taken to his page on Instagram to call out Nigerian celebrities. According to him, just like Nollywood influences ritual killings through their movies, false lifestyles, doing drugs, and showing sexual scenes through their movies have had a negative effect on kids.

Pretty Mike has also said that how a parent raises their child, becomes the reflection of the quality of person the parent is irrespective of their financial status.

Pretty Mike further compared the parents of the 80s to the parents in the 2010s. He stated that parents in the 80s gave their children hobbies like music, arts, boys scout, boys and girls brigade, and many others. He however stated that parents in the 2010s are only known for opening Instagram pages for their children as young as 2 years old.

“Parents of the 80s who gave their children hobbies like music, arts, boys scout, boys/girls brigade, etc vs. Parents of the 2010s who open Instagram pages for their 2-year-olds. Times are already telling.”

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