Keeping to your lane keeps the drama away – Nengi sends a message as Ike & Mercy fuel breakup rumor


Rebecca Hampson, better known as Nengi has sent a message asking Ike and Mercy to leave her out of their messy relationship.

The power couple broke up yesterday and with Nengi being identified as the reason for their break up. According to Ike, Mercy hates his sudden closeness with Nengi hence her reason for breaking up with him.

Reacting to her involvement in the breakup, the Bayelsa State born ex-beauty queen made a series of tweets last night saying she is in her zone and minding her business. In another tweet, Nengi said she is minding her business to become a better version of herself so every bad energy should stay far away from her.

It is evidently clear Nengi wants no business in their relationship and wishes to distance herself from them while they self-destruct.


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