Kiki Osinbajo prays for Nigerians who wished her father passed away in the helicopter crash

The daughter of the vice president of Nigeria, Kiki Osinbajo, in a new Instagram post, prayed for the mean people who wished her father died in the helicopter crash that occurred in Kogi State.

Sharing a screenshot of comments on her Insta-story, the dark skinned beauty who prayed for those who wished her father died in the helicopter crash wrote ‘People can be so hearless and all I pray is God has mercy on them’.

Recall that Laolu Akande, a presidential spokesperson, who revealed that Osinbajo’s helicopter crashed, said 12 people including the minister of state for labour and productivity, Stephen Ocheni, senior presidential aides, security officials were on board the helicopter.

He wrote on Twitter;

“VP Osinbajo’s Chopper crash lands in Kabba, but he and the entire crew safe. He is continuing with his engagements and plans for the day in Kogi State.

We give all the glory to God, our able protector and commend all the Flight Crew officials for their service. We are marching on for indeed we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us! VP Osinbajo speaking now @ the palace of the Obaro of Kabba, expresses gratitude to God for the deliverance from the Chopper crash. “We are extremely grateful to the Lord for preserving our lives from the incident that just happened. Everyone of us is safe and no one is maimed…

…God has kept us safe and alive, delivered us from death so we can do more for our people & country,” VP adds in his remarks at the Obaro of Kabba’s palace, his first stop in his ongoing visit to Kogi State.”

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