“These girls are removing data money from your money” – Nigerian guy says as he shares things he got for 5,000naira

A Nigerian guy has admonished his fellows over asking their ladies to go to the market for them – according to him, gentlemen are being cheated by their ladies and so they need wisen up.

The gentleman took to his Twitter page to share photos of the things he was able to get in the market for not more than 5k and stated that if it were to be some ladies, they’d have come back clamouring that they added more money to get what he got.

Sharing photos, he wrote,

I went to market today with 5k, see what I came back with. If I had given it to a girlfriend to help me, she would have come back with “the money you gave me wasn’t enough o, I had to add mine” lmao kings go to market yourself. These girls are removing data money from your money

After he was challenged on the platform as to whether or not, he genuinely got what he got for that price, he then shared a breakdown of how he speant the money.

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