Knowing Kenneth Edmund Okpala and brand names Spicy Auto, Jardanimen, Exchanger & Jardani Travel Blog


We all love reading the success stories of entrepreneurs in Nigeria because usually, they inspire and show us that nothing is impossible.

Nigeria is a naturally endowed country. The country has all kinds of natural, mineral, and human resources.

Human resources include hardworking and decisive individuals who have rightfully made an excellent reputation in entrepreneurship.

Here is an article for successful entrepreneur KENNETH EBUBECHUKWU EDMUND OKPALA.

So, embark on his entrepreneurial journey and learn how he did it in Nigeria.

Kenneth Ebubechukwu Edmund Okpala, a seasoned Entrepreneur who hails from Anambra State in south eastern Nigeria is a very gifted, skillful and talented business man.

Kangaroo or Metegayus as he is fondly called proves to be successful in taking on the risks of creating startup businesses and is rewarded with profits, fame and continued growth opportunities.

The young man takes on various financial risks in the hope of profit.

Famous for being the co-owner of SPICY AUTOS, an automotive company which is involved in the marketing and selling of motor vehicles, KENNETH EDMUND OKPALA is the most prominent example of success for young Nigerian men and he shows how powerful they can be if they work hard enough and believe in themselves.

SPICY AUTOS are responsible for VP SALES in Lagos, Nigeria.

The entrepreneur who is also a philanthropist always knew that success would come his way one day and that he needed to work hard for it.

KENNETH EBUBECHUKWU EDMUND OKPALA who is rated amongst the most prominent entrepreneurs in Nigeria has made considerable investments in other business spheres, such as JARDANIMEN a retail business establishment that specializes in selling (and also buying) jewelry (Gold, Diamond, Silver) and watches, males shoes and accessories.

JARDANIMEN work with expert jewelers who use high-quality and enduring materials, from precious metals—such as recycled and responsibly mined gold—to ethically sourced diamonds and AAA-grade gemstones.

The company founded by KENNETH has its base In Lagos, Nigeria, Doha, Qatar, Dubai, UAE.

Apart from this, the businessman is the owner of EXCHANGER, A bureau de change or currency exchange company where people can exchange one currency for another.

The firm started as a tiny company that specialized in trading. It is now a substantial corporation with branches in Nigeria, Doha, Dubai, UAE.

Also, The Young and Energetic Tycoon is also the president and founder of JARDANI TRAVEL BLOG, a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism-related services to the general public on behalf of accommodation or travel suppliers to offer different kinds of travelling packages for each destination.

KENNETH EBUBECHUKWU EDMUND OKPALA has worked hard to become he is now and his efforts are fully paying off.

He is a great example to aspiring entrepreneurs that want to create business empires as big as his.


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