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Kupe Boys: Jim Seuh shares funny throwback picture of him looking skinny

Popular Dancer and Gym instructor Jim Seuh, of the famous Instagram dance group – Kupe Boys has shared a throwback photo of himself and he looked entirely different from his present looks.

Taking to his Instagram page, Jim Seuh posted an old photo of himself looking lanky and not-so-handsome.

He captioned the photo:

From 6’7 158 lbs to still 6’7 but 253 lbs
I never thought it was possible, at the beginning, i just wanted to get some weight, to feel « normal », i was so skinny compared to the other people, they always asked me if i was sick or something..

Someday i was motivated someday i was disappointed, it wasnt easy AT ALL, but i never gave up, its all about hardwork and consistance, if you believe in your dreams, one day you will succeed, im not here to ask for some applause or recognition, im here to give people who have no confidence some motivation.

Because i was like this before, sad everyday because of my physical, and i never knew what it feel to be happy, now i know, and everybody needs to be happy in there life, self confidence is the first step to happiness. Thanks the @theshaderoom for shared my story

Reacting, his fans wrote:

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