A Nigerian user on Facebook, Ci Ci Ama has taken to the social media to call out her bestfriend, Cici Ade who she says slept with her boyfriend for an iPhone 6.

Cici Ade

Calling the said lady a “p**sy monger”, Ci Ci Ama says her bestie, Cici Ade is a disgrace to her family and that her boyfriend only slept with her cause he’d promised her an iPhone 6.

Ci Ci Ama

Asking that she shouldn’t love up and all, Ama says if she doesn’t want her to expose some things online, she should return the said iPhone 6 her boyfriend gave to her. (Ade).

“So bae, if you don’t want me to expose some things here next time that would make you forever regretful in your life, just return the iPhone with you, it’s not a threat but what I can do o else…”, Ama concludied on Facebook.

Screenshots credit: YBL