Lady celebrates after selling her land for N90m, years after buying it at N1.5m

A Nigerian lady had become a millionaire after selling a lady she acquired for far lesser price she sold it for.

The woman made millions from a parcel of land she casually bought 15 years ago for 1.5 million naira.

In a TikTok video gone viral, the aged woman said she sold the piece of.land for N90 million and it was not developed at the time of purchase.

Having a conversation with her children, she recalled that when she got the land, it was a farm that had maize and ridges which she had to remove, giving it the value it is now.

She said’ “I bought a land 1.5 million, if you want I’ll bring the receipt for you 15 years ago. It’s currently selling for 90 million. It was somebody’s farm that I bought. There was corn, there was all sorts of things. I saw ridges there. I was the one that took them out.”


Watch the Video HERE


Ezekiel Ovey commented; My boss bought land 6,000 naira as 30yrs ago but now the land is 55millions but he’s not selling,Was telling me about land investment to follow up

@officialkaycee wrote; My dad bought a land for #250,000 when he was 30years Old and now he is 59 and the land is selling for 25m

Steph NK wrote; Land is good investment. My husband bought 2plot 1.2m 2015 and he want to sell 1plot now and they’re pricing 6m. from one plot 6hundred to 6m.

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