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Lady narrates fight with husband over land ownership issue, seeks advice

A Nigerian woman, known as Amanda, has taken to social media to share her ordeal of getting into an intense fight with her husband over a land ownership issue.

According to Amanda, she had purchased a piece of land with her own money but was unable to go and sign the necessary documents, so she sent her husband in her place.

However, to her shock, her husband decided to write his name as the owner of the land instead of her name, as she had expected.

Amanda revealed that she had repeatedly asked her husband to rectify the situation and put the land in her name, but he refused, stating that it made no sense since they were one as husband and wife.

She expressed her confusion and frustration on Twitter, seeking advice from fellow users on how to handle the situation.

In her tweet, Amanda explained that her husband accused her of having ulterior motives for insisting that he change the ownership of the land to her name.

She expressed her disappointment and bewilderment at her husband’s actions, as she had used her own money to purchase the land and expected it to be in her name.

The tweet by Amanda has gained attention on social media, with many users sympathizing with her situation and offering advice.

Amanda wrote; “Please am I being selfish here as my husband said, I bought a land with my money. My husband didn’t contribute a dime. The day we where supposed to sign the necessary document involved, I was so busy with work. So I told my husband to go and meet the man and explain to him so that we will reschedule the date. We agreed on my hubby signing as a witness and I the buyer. But hubby went and did another thing.

He signed as the buyer and he called his brother who came and signed as a witness. Since then I have been telling hubby for we to go and rectify it. He is Now reading meaning into it saying I have an ulterior motive. He said are we not one? It doesn’t matter who signed it or not. Please twitter nation, how do I handle this? It’s not as if I am praying for a bad thing to happen but we don’t know tomorrow. Am I wrong here? “


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