A Nigerian lady took to Instagram to narrate how her ‘experienced’ driver nearly killed a pregnant woman on his first day at work in Lagos.

She wrote;

Who said there is no God,God is ever faithful and merciful,may his name be praised, please everyone help me thank God For Saving my life,this is how it all started, I got a deal to supply goods in a big quantity to a supermarket on the island, due to the fact that I have not perfected my driven, I told my friends to help me look for a driver that will be driven me for supply and delivery till I’m done learning, they found like 3, I interviewed them then picked one, he said he can drive so well and have up to 5:10years of experience.

I employed him, on that faithful day Monday I packed all the goods inside my car, we set off I noticed his hands where not stable and the car was waving I begged him to slow down and take it easy, unfortunately around bonny camp Lagos island on a very very high speed my driver HIT a tricycle that was packed by the road side and also a pregnant woman that was coming down from the tricycle and instantly the two front car tires went flat the car was still moving my driver rushed out thinking he killed the pregnant woman, I had to rush in front of the car put it on parking and offed the engine, I came out, blood, the pregnant woman was on the floor her both legs were seriously injured,the back of the tricycle was beyond repair.

My car was at the middle of the road,traffic everywhere,as God will have it the soldiers(military men)at the scene of the accident, were so so so helpful, they told me they will take care of my car and everything in it, I should rush the woman to hospital, I was almost running mad,immediately We rushed the woman to the hospital, the husband rushed down, by the special grace of God She was attended to and I was able to sort out everything the driver didn’t even have any money at all on him, I can’t stop thanking God, if you are alive today just kneel down and thank God because God loves you so much#allglorytoGod#powerofprayer