Lady reveals why she thanks God daily for not making her the opposite gender (video)

A lady is currently trending on social media following a recent video shared on the internet.

She recently expressed her gratitude to God for not making her a male because of the responsibilities that comes with being a man.

She hailed men for being able to shoulder a lot of responsibilities which she believes are quite difficult to navigate.

Watch the video below:

The video has since gone viral and sparked reactions on social media.

Read some comments below:

@Oyinmi13 said:

No be lie
Men Dey try
My next world I no wish to be man
Or even woman dramatic creature.
I just wan be Angel, dey fly upandan, fresh like today’s croissant

@Mandato03971555 said:

My dad Dey tell me that time say I go understand now over understand Dey worry me,ajeh

@O_omayoza said:

Men over to you!! Go and cheat and feel no remorse, but not my man sha

@Iam_henry14 said:

I remember my dad notifying me when I was a kid that to be a man is not a child’s play. Low and behold that advice has played out in many ways

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