Lady shares physical abuse she suffered at hands of her granddad who starved her, and it is horrible (Graphic Photos)

A woman in Japan who suffered the worst kind of domestic abuse at the hands of her grandfather has released pictures of herself to tell her story.

The Japanese woman, who only identified herself as “Wild Cabbage” on Twitter said her grandfather repeatedly starved her when she lived with him 10 years ago.

The woman from Kyoto in Central Japan’s Kansai region claimed in a tweet that she was “forbidden to eat” by her abusive grandparent. She said he would kick her in the belly when she was caught eating in secret. She would then either spit or vomit out the food, causing her to shed so much weight that she ended up weighing just  37lbs.

In her social media post, she urged those suffering from similar abuse or eating disorders to speak up and “ask for help before it’s too late”. She said when she was eventually rescued, experts told her she was “10 minutes away from death”.

The woman, who is now in her 20s, says she has remarkably recovered since she was rescued 10 years ago.

More photos of her below:

She after recovery (left)


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