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Lady steps out of her car to flog children who persistently tried to clean her windscreen in Traffic in Lagos (Video)

A lady took off her slippers in an attempt to wade off kids rendering their unsolicited service.

One probably might have come across such scenario when in traffic in Lagos – whether or not you gave the consent for them to clean your car, these people come out of nowhere and voila! Liquid soap and a stick foam brush is dancing on your windscreen.

It is a common thing to find people who wash the windscreen of cars in traffic for a living. Although, it can be sometimes annoying when you did not ask for it and someone comes from nowhere pouring soapy water on your windscreen.

This happened to a lady in Lekki, Lagos. In a video circulating, the woman is seen driving a black Honda Accord with kids on her car bonnet wiping her windscreen.

She gets furious when they stubbornly remained on her car bonnet even after she drove with them on it. She then proceeds out of her car with her slippers in her hand to flog them before they quickly down.

Video Below:


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