Lady surprises her boyfriend with $3,146 in cash arranged into a bouquet as birthday and Valentine’s gift (PHOTOS+VIDEO)


Confused on what to give each tour partner for Valentine? Here is a perfect gift idea for you!

Apparently, Valentine came early for this man as his 20-year-old Thai girlfriend surprised him with a large bouquet of money, made of THB500 bills (US$15) and everyone is already talking about it online.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the lady identified as Pilaslak Puenchoke, a university student, surprised her boyfriend “Tua” at a restaurant on his birthday with THB100,000 (US$3,146, about N1.1million in Naira) in cash fashioned into a bouquet.

The money was also a Valentine’s Day gift for the boyfriend she has been dating for one year.

The bouquet was his birthday and Valentine’s gift in one. He’d want men’s stuff, and I don’t know what to pick out for him. I saw the idea [of a money bouquet] on Instagram and wanted him to have it.

Pilaslak told Coconuts via phone today.

She said she commissioned a floral shop to make the bouquet. Overall, she paid a total THB104,000 (US$3,271).

Pilaslak said she earned the money herself by selling cosmetics online. Asked how her boyfriend reacted to her grand gesture, she said:

He was happy and said he didn’t expect something like this. He said he’d be happy with just a birthday cake from me.

Watch the video below:


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