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Lagos big boy buys a brand new Toyota Prado jeep for his mum on Valentine’s day

A Lagos big boy buys a brand new Toyota Prado jeep for his mum on Valentine’s day

Bayo Adewale aka (Bnaira) is a Record label owner, (BNS record) Marketer in Real Estate and a Bitcoin trader. And to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s day, he bought a brand new Toyota Prado jeep for his mum.

Bnaira started living large right from his university days at the University of Lagos, where he drives exotic cars in a customized plate number which came with the same red color and never ceases to show his luxury life online.

To mark the memorable day of love, he got a 2016 Toyota Prado white SUV worth N18m for the mother and flaunted it online as his followers gawked at the gift.

He captioned photo:

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my Mum – I hope u like ur new gift 💯😍- Omo dada Vibes – #we don’t do no talking 💯#2016 prado“

This is just one of the best ways that one can show love to family members of lovers’ day. It is sure the mother must have been filled with extreme joy and excitement with the luxurious gift showered on her by her rich son.

Bnaira, who came into limelight in 2014, when he graduated from UNILAG. He was reported to have bought for himself a brand new Mercedess Benz GLE 450 Coupé. And he became the cynosure of all eyes on campus.

Bnaira who never buys fairy used cars bought the wonder on wheels just three weeks after it went off the production line and it was widely rumored then he must have been involved in some shady deal as a student, for him to be able to afford such expensive items.

Bnaira was a geography student in UNILAG, a club aficionado and a lover of all beautiful things, living or non-living. He is often spotted in luxurious places across the world flaunting his expensive lifestyle with car, drinks and girls.

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