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Lockdown: Man treks long distance to get his sick wife to a hospital (video)

A stranded husband who was forced to carry his sick wife and trek a long distance owing to lockdown rules of no public transport in Rivers State, has gone viral on social media.

Due to the lockdown, there were no cars on the road and the husband had no choice but to carry his weak wife while trekking.

A kindhearted woman who saw the distressed husband carrying his sick wife opted to transport the couple to the hospital

Mumy B Oyigbo wrote on facebook ;
“Watch how this Corona virus lockdown might be leading to death in Rivers State. The girl you see in the video was almost dying her husband had to carry her on his back for long because there is no vehicle on the road.

“She almost fainted on the road I couldn’t record that part because I’m the only one driving. Had to help them to my hospital.

“Last time I saw a more sever case where I still drove them to my hospital free of charge where we gave the girl emergency oxygen she was a second away from death.

“God save us in this Rivers state. Many sick people will die at home. If hunger does not kill other sickness will because you can’t go out.

“God save us in Rivers state.”

See video below:



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