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Lota Chukwu ‘KIKI’ Opens Up On Beef Between Toyo Baby And Funke Akindele

Rising Nollywood actress, Lota Chukwu, famously known as Kiki from Jenifa’s Diaries, in this interview with NetSeries speaks on her relationship with Funke Akindele; the beef between Toyo Baby and Funke Akindele; and her rise to fame as well as her new cooking show.

Speaking on her relationship with Funke Akindele, she said:

‘She is like a mum to everyone on set, she is hardworking and very hands on. In fact, she is like a big sister to everyone’.

She also touched on the simmering beef between Akindele and Juliana Oloyede who played her best friend, Toyo in the series, saying it was just a decision in movie production, in which characters come and go.

‘I don’t think it could be classified as a beef. I wonder why everybody is saying that.

Here is the thing, in a typical movie series, characters come and go, it was never a life-long contract. If the character is needed, the character will come back, I am not the producer of the show”

she said:

“If you noticed, I had to leave after season five. In fact, at this point, I am very sure if Jenifa could leave, she would leave, but she is the lead character’.

Watch full interview below:

Also, In an interview with Tush Magazine, Kiki talked about how she got on the set of the comedy series.

See excerpts:

TM: Switching from Agricultural Economics to Acting, how did your parents take it?

LOTA: I don’t think they would have allowed any of my other siblings do it, I am the last child hence, the last born benefits. I didn’t exactly tell them immediately, I waited to do something first and then, I took my first pay
home and said, “See what they gave me for doing this” and my father said “Is this what you want to do with your life?” and I said “Yes”. And then he turned to my mother and said “Do you have anything to say?” and she said, “Is she not your daughter?”

TM: When you first landed your role in Jenifa’s Diary, how did you feel?

LOTA: It felt surreal and it took some getting used to. I went there that day, but not with the intention to audition; I went there to cheer my friends up. My friends and I were just about to finish Royal Arts, I saw one of my teachers there and he was like, “Go and write your name” and I said “No, I just came to cheer my friends up” and then my teacher said that if I didn’t go to sign up for the audition, I shouldn’t say Hi to him.
My friends were like on number 20, 21, etc. and I was among the 80s. I ended up getting auditioned at about 4pm when almost everybody had left and as luck would have it, when it was my turn, Funke Akindele was already there to watch the auditions. And then I did it, and she gave me a call back and gave me the role I was to be playing.

TM: The publicity that has come with acting as Kiki on Jenifa’s Diary, how do you cope with it?

LOTA: I remember one day I was in church, it was a Sunday service at House on the Rock. So the pastor said, “Turn to your neighbor and say Jesus is my advocate” and then the lady beside me just turned and said “Jesus is my…. ahn Kiki, how is you” and everybody just turned. There was a time I went to the cinema with a friend and I checked my mentions after the movie and saw a tweet that read “Ahn, Kiki is that our boo?” and I showed my friend and
we laughed about it. Sometimes, I feel honored when it happens, that someone watches my show, someone feels the need to walk up to me to say “Hi”.

TM: That means you answer anybody who walks up to you?

LOTA: I try to answer anybody who walks up to me to say Hi, because the hardest thing about any job is not the job itself, but the things that comes with the job. It really doesn’t matter what you are going through in your personal life; If you are rude to someone because you are having a bad day, nobody would make excuses for you. All they would say is you are rude. I have been lucky enough to work with Funke Akindele and I see how she responds to people, so that is an influence.

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