Lovebirds caught making out in Ikeja City Mall, Nigerian man complains about their PDA moment


A Nigerian man identified as Adegoke Pamilerin as taken to social media to complain about a couple he spotted making out at a mall in Lagos state. The young Nigerian man also shared a photo of the couple he took.

The man who shared the photo on Twitter, expressed that the public display of affection between the couple shows that there is no shame in Lagos state. According to Pamilerin, the couple were at the spot for over thirty minutes. He added that the two had done all kinds of things on the spot except to have intercourse with each other in the mall.

He wrote: “Shame has finished in this Lagos oooo… What will we not see at ICM??? This guy and a lady have stayed over 30 minutes at the same spot.. They’ve kissed and done everything possible .. the only thing left is for them to have s*x on that spot…”


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