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Loving father rewards his 18-year-old son with a Porsche for passing exam

A popular S.A billionaire, Robert Gumede has just purchased a sports car for his 18-year-old son who passed his matric examination.

The yellow Porsche GT3, which retails between R2.8m and R3.3m, was a surprise gift for Matana Robert Junior Gumede. A video that has been circulating on social media shows the moment the teen is shown his gift.

Initially, the teen is seen being led to a Porsche Boxster S before his actual gift is revealed. When the car is shown to him, the youngster goes hysterical with excitement and starts jumping. His brother Themba posted the video on Twitter.

“So as a family we decided to fool my little brother and made him believe that he got the Boxster S. Yes he was happy… But wait and see his reaction to what we ACTUALLY him. Proud of you little bro!” Temba wrote.

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