Man counted as dead in Rivers APC campaign rally wakes up 30minutes later (Photos)


Cecilia Iniperitiari Dikibo, a lady on Facebook, took to thanking God immensely for experiencing the life of her brother and friend who had been involved in a stampede that took place during the mega APC rally in Rivers.

The man named Precious Jeffy was counted as one of the dead men who was affected by the ensuing stampede in the rally.

However, after having laid unconscious for 30 minutes, he jolted back to life and received strength in his body.

Cecilia was beyond grateful that the supposed dead man that was declared lifeless was brought back to life again. To share her excitement and gratitude to God, she took to her age to pen down words of appreciation.

The said lady also shared photos of how lifeless the man had been after he was swarmed in a terrible stampede that had claimed the lives of other people.

See her post below:

“Lord I have come to give you praise and honor again.. With casting crown, Lifting hands And Bowing heart.. I come to worship you. Indeed there will be no more loss.. Its not up to two weeks we are still grieving and morning the killing of Efcc Chiko little did I know my brother and friend Engr. Engr Precious Jeffry was caught up in the stampede ordeal two days ago.

“His body was counted as part of the *lifeless* ones, for over 30mints, Until he gained his strength and breath. I have come to worship you this morning thou Greatest of All, Merciful King, Glorious God.. For testimonies, man can not take.. For deeds you have done that man cannot comprehend. “Thank you SAVIOUR.. THE MAN YOU SAVED AS COME TO WORSHIP YOU. PLEASE BLESS THE SOULS OF THE ONES WHO DIED. EVERY RIVERS LIFE MATTER.”


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