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Man discovers wife’s infidelity: Gate man impregnates her while he was abroad

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to share the heart-wrenching story of his wife’s infidelity during his absence.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, revealed that he recently discovered that his wife had been unfaithful and had become pregnant with their gate man’s child while he was away in Dubai, working to support their family.

Expressing his distress, the man disclosed that they had been married for less than a year when the betrayal occurred.

He explained that his wife began an illicit relationship with their security personnel approximately eight months ago, shortly after he left for Dubai.

Upon his return, he was shocked to learn that she was already five months pregnant with the child of the gate man.

The man shared his dilemma, admitting that he is unsure of how to handle the situation.

While some people have advised him to forgive his wife, he finds it extremely difficult to do so, as the child will serve as a constant reminder of the affair.

Despite the hurt he has experienced, the man emphasized that he has remained faithful throughout their marriage and has no intentions of retaliating by cheating on his wife.

He wrote; “What advice can you give a man who left his wife and traveled to Dubai for greener pasture. He spent 8 months before coming back only to find out that her wife is already sleeping with our gateman. To the extent that she is already 5 months pregnant. People are telling me to forgive her but seeing that child will always remind me of the affairs.

I have never cheated on her even with all the temptation I face daily. I started self-help with my hand just to reduce the urge in order not to cheat on her cos I love her so much. What advice do you have for me. Our marriage is not up to a year.”


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