Man gets 2kg dumbbell stuck up his bum and medics had to remove it with their hands


Doctors were shocked to find an eight inch dumbbell, weighing 2kg, inside a man’s rectum after he arrived at A&E complaining of cramps and severe constipation.

Medics said the patient was “uncooperative” while he was being examined, so they decided to X-ray his abdomen.

They then found an object, that was later revealed to be a 2kg dumbbell, lodged firmly in the 54-year-old man’s rectum.

When medics at the hospital in Manaus, Brazil, were unable to remove the object using tweezers, they opted for a “manual extraction”.

This meant they put their hand into the man’s bum to remove the dumbbell.

According to a report in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports written by Dr Ana Elisa de Landa Moraes Teixeira Grossi and her team, a surgeon inserted their hand “up to the forearm” to get a grip on the item.

Dr Ana wrote: “Despite the location of the object being considered high, manual transanal extraction was chosen, inserting the surgeon’s forearm with some difficulty, without post-extraction complications.”

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