Man helps Nigerian Acid Attack Survivor raise about 10,000,000 naira for her plastic surgery within 24hrs

A young Nigerian Philanthropist Kbkonline who runs a foundation called ‘kbkfoundation’ has come to the aid of an acid attack survivor Obanye Chizoba, by helping her raise nearly 10,000,000 naira for her plastic surgery in 24hrs.

Writing about the glad news on social media, he said:

This may be a record ..lol We have raised close to 10M in 24hrs and counting I told y’all anything is possible.
Thanks to everyone one that sent in their widows mite. And anonymous that sent in the bulk of this money.
God bless you all. We gon do this surgery?
For the first time since the unfortunate incident, Nigerian burn survivor, Obanye Francess Chizoba has opened up about her life.”

Chizoba was attacked with acid by her uncle’s wife over a family problem.

Read the story below:

My name is Obanye Francess Chizoba. From Anambra state, hail from Onitsha. The last child of my parents. Just graduated recently, schooled at Anambra state University, studied Biochemistry.

*Are you feeling emotionally depressed?

No o, i feel i cannot change anything, so is of no use. Just that as a human being, at times you got to think about your life.

*Chizzy dear, if wishes comes true readily, what will you wish for yourself at this point in your life?

First of all, money for my surgery and God to bless me abundantly. That is the remedy am looking for now.

*Are you saving up on that?

No, believing God for that.

*How has it been like for you growing up with an irregular scars?

It happened when i was very tender. Have you ever have this feeling of people you grow up with seeing you and running away from you? That is the most painful part. When you go out, people will look at you and be scared of you, little kids will see you and run away, they will cry as if they saw a ghost. If you have a problem with your fellow girl, she will insult you with what happened to you. God! It was not easy but grace was too sufficient. I accepted my challenge and i look for solution on how to move on. Thank God for my mum always there giving me courage. I started going to school, pairing with my mates and being happy.

*Chizzy, if i may ask what brought about the scars?

Acid burn, i was poured acid by my uncle’s wife due to family problem.

*At what age and what happened to her after she did that?

At the age of 9years, she ran away since then. The victim was actually my brother, unfortunately, i was now the victim.

*Through it all Chizzy, what has been your greatest consolidation that has kept you trudging on?

From my mum, those people out there are not better than you. Believe strongly in yourself. God has a reason for you been like this that is why from that day he gave you that name Chizoba and that is the fact. And do you know what i hate the most? ‘’pity’’ it makes me have the feelings that am different.

*Any love affair in your life?

Lol….kind of. I do not have the strength been in love because i do not want any problem to be added to the one i have, so i prefer having bestie. I found out that if you have a male bestie, with time you will start having feelings for each other. There is this guy that is always there for me and he gives me advice and cares alot about me. He is always proud of me no matter what people are saying. And i heart him a lot that is all i can say.

*What advice do you have for those facing this challenges of yours?

Do not let your challenges hinder you from what you want to do and be in life, just over come and move on.

*So what else will you like to use this platform to tell the world?

Never give up on life no matter how hard it is.

*How can you be contacted?

This is my number 08164080060.

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