Man slammed 39 years in jail for shooting pregnant wife

A middle aged man have Ben sentenced to jail for allegedly attempting to kill his pregnant wife.

According to source, the 39-year-old man took a gun and shot his wife in her sleep when she was eight months pregnant.

Though with the aim to kill her, she was shot on the chest, and it had left her paralyzed.

The victim’s cousin @naa_yorks said the unfortunate incident happened eight years ago and it was believed that the convict tried to kill his wife because he did not want a baby.

However, almost a decade later and a court found him guilty of attempted murder. The judge jailed him for 39 years.

According to Naa Yorks, the woman eventually gave birth to a baby boy and both mother and child are alive, however, she is unable to walk.

Sharing te story on Twitter, she said; “About 8 years ago, my cousin’s husband shot her in her sleep whiles she was 8 months pregnant, leaving her paralyzed from chest down. The shot was targeted at her chest, definitely wanted to kill her, because he didn’t want a child. Today, he’s been found guilty and wow

Update: He’s been sentenced to 39 years imprisonment Oh yes, Apart from the walking, she is very fine, Works and all. Even owns a salon now.”

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