Man Spends Over N21million transforming himself into a real-life elf (Photos)

A fantasy fanatic who splashed $60,000 (N21,600,000) transforming himself into a real-life elf reveals his new pointed ears and anime jawline, according to a report by Dailymail.

The man identified as Luis Padron, 26, from Buenos Ares, Argentina, has been determined to transform himself into a mythical creature since his teens, after finding solace and acceptance away from bullies in the fantasy world.

On his way to achieving his dream, Lius had liposuction on his jaw, rhinoplasty, full body hair removal, laser skin bleaching, an op to create a ‘vampiric’ widow’s peak hairline, and more.

Last week in Los Angeles, Luis went under the knife to have his ears cut apart and reshaped to resemble the pointy appendages of an elf.

This was only shortly after he flew to see specialists in Korea to have his jaw broken, filed and screwed back together into a diamond shape, similar to an anime character.

Since his appearance alterations, he says he feels more comfortable in his skin and after fully healing he hopes to be cast in the new Lord of the Rings TV series as an elf.

Luis, a cosplay merchandiser, said:

‘These surgeries were necessary to become the fantasy being I want to be, now I feel closer than ever.

‘I feel a little bit of pain here and there, but it’s common considering how recent my surgeries are.

‘The V-line jaw surgery was performed by Dr Park of ID Hospital and consists of breaking, filing, and screwing the jaw to give it a perfect diamond shape.

‘After all the swelling goes down, I will look like an anime character, that’s what I asked the doctors for, an unreal fantasy jawline.

‘The other surgery is an ear modification, to re-shape it to look like an elf – Dr. Cristian Perez Latorre was in charge of that.

‘He was very famous in Argentina as a celebrity surgeon, he cut my ears and then stitched them to make them pointy.

‘When all the swelling goes down, the ears heal, and my vampire hairline starts growing more strong, I will start bleaching my hair and skin again.

‘The final shape will take a long time, because the same as the jawline, it takes months to heal but then finally I will start feeling like an elf.

‘I feel closer than ever to my dream, I still have to heal and make some touch-ups to be complete, but I am finally close to my goal.

‘I hope I can have a role in the Lord of the Rings TV series – with that, my dream of being an elf would become a reality.’

His recent modifications have cost Luis around $20,000 (£15,000), he kept the ear surgery secret from loved-ones who he claims remain supportive of his alterations.

Luis said:

‘It was a surprise surgery, I didn’t tell my family or followers that I was going to do it until it was done.

‘They were shocked, but they saw how nice it looked and they felt happy for me, because they know how long I have been waiting for this.

‘It is always one step backwards to go two steps forward, the next plan will be eye shaping and lifting, then fillers.

‘I have also considered a fantasy nose in Iran, BrightOcular eye colour changing in India and new hair colour bleaching laser treatment.’

Luis’s fixation on the fantasy genre began during his teens, after he delved into the make-believe world to escape bullying.

He became determined to emulate his favourite otherworldly characters finding inspiration from films such as Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story.

Luis said:

‘I was bullied as a child and as an escape I would submerge myself in fantasy movies and other fantasy tales.

‘Over time things changed, older teens liked me because I was unique and that’s what encouraged me to start turning what I felt on the inside into a reality.

‘I started with cosplay, but it wasn’t enough, I wanted to change to become my own perception of beauty.’

By becoming his desired fantasy entity, Luis finally feels comfortable with himself.

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