Man takes a selfie with his cheating wife & bestfriend after he caught them red-handed

A selfie of a man with his naked cheating wife and bestfriend has surfaced online and has become the topic of discussion on the streets of social media.

From the photo, it appears that the man caught his wife and his bestfriend having sex and decided to capture the embarrassing moment, in order to expose them on social media.

A photo of the man dining with his ‘bestfriend’ was also released on the internet to prove that they were truly bestfriends before he was caught naked in bed with his friend’s wife.

See the photo below:

The photo has since generated mixed reactions from Netizens. See some of the reactions below,

@ChikaodiVivian wrote,

“Cheating on you with your friend is horrible and you posing with two naked adults just cause they stabbed you in the back is also horrible. I’m just trying to understand why off all things this was the best advice your brain could offer you at that moment. Disgusting!”

@Ifyyyyii wrote,

“Maybe he has been blabbing and capping how good his woman is in bed. Some men don’t have secret.”

@medokzak wrote,

“I’m sure the friend didn’t force the woman to cheat on her husband here. Yes the friend did super wrong but what about the lady too, knowing fully she’s married to his friend, why sleep with her husband friend. She could av stopped it From happening bt I guess they both enjoyed.”

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