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Man’s proposal plan shattered as he discovers girlfriend is pregnant for ex

A Nigerian man based in the UK, known as @Pascalinho4ever on Twitter, has shared his heartbreak after he returned to Nigeria to propose to his girlfriend, only to find out she was pregnant for her ex-boyfriend.

In a series of tweets, Pascal revealed that he had flown down to Nigeria from the UK to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

However, upon his arrival, he discovered that his girlfriend’s ex-lover had impregnated her.

Pascal said that his girlfriend had not informed him about the pregnancy while he was overseas, and he was unaware that she had been seeing her ex.

The devastating news was broken to him on December 18th, 2022.

Adding insult to injury, Pascal revealed that his girlfriend gave birth to the child on his birthday, May 12th, 2023, leaving him heartbroken and betrayed.

The heartbreaking story has attracted sympathy from Twitter users, with many offering words of comfort to Pascal and admonishing his girlfriend for her actions.

Some also advised him to move on and find someone who truly loves and appreciates him..

He wrote; “Coming back to from UK to propose to my girlfriend, only to find out she already had a child for her ex just within a year.

“I have our chat on my phone, she kept it as secret to me until I came bk to NIGERIA, dat fateful day, I called her so we can have heart to heart discussion, she broke the news to me My life changed from that day 18th December 2022, The child was born on my birthday, 12th May”.

, Man returns from UK to propose to girlfriend only to discover she’s pregnant for ex

, Man returns from UK to propose to girlfriend only to discover she’s pregnant for ex

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