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“Many think I’m a yahoo boy,” man says, as he reveals what he does

A Nigerian man who has been labelled a fraudster has taken to his facebook page to reveal to the general public what he does for a living.

The young man (Daniel Chukwuebuka Udechukwu) divulged that many see him as a ‘yahoo boy’ due to his comfortable way of life but many do not know what he goes through to suvive.

He wrote;

“This is 6:20 am. Don’t think money fall from heaven, if government does not give you job create ☝️ one, many people think am a yahoo boy because I live large to an extent. But today I reveal to you all my job. Am an Uber driver, an under graduate and this is how I make my money, weekly I make on the average of 20-40k WEEKLY! I rent a car for 30k weekly and ave been doing great by the grace of God. Don’t expect me to give you money when I work so hard to make it, and you just sit and be hoping. I don’t sleep when many of you are sleeping, instead of pressing laptop at night I drive around to make money LEGITIMATE money. Youth rise up above your challenges And laziness we can do better than we are already doing. Instablog9ja Sugar Ade @wemimo_mercy

I sleep right inside my car at least four times a week. Success is not an easy walk.”


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