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MBGN 2019 Nyekachi Douglas wins the heart of many with her rare display of affection after Miss Jamaica was crowned 2019 Miss World (video)

Miss Nyekachi Douglas, the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2019, has won the hearts of many with her rare display of excitement and joy after her fellow contestant, Miss Jamaica, Toni-Ann Singh was crowned winner of the 2019 Miss World competition.

Nyekachi who was also crowned Miss World Africa at the pageant, couldn’t contain her joy when Singh was declared winner.

Miss Nigeria was super excited that Miss Jamaica had to be crowned Miss World 2019. She screamed, hugged her so tight as she was beaming in smiles.

Miss Jamaica who was announced as the winner was stunned, she didn’t move while Miss Nigeria was already celebrating and screaming in excitement. Obviously they are friends are she was rely rooting for her.

It was such a beautiful moment.

Watch the video below:

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