Home Entertainment News MC Galaxy buys a new car, shows off on social media (video)

MC Galaxy buys a new car, shows off on social media (video)

If there was an awards show for celebrities who blow money fast, MC Galaxy will probably cup one for acquiring the 2019 Mercedes AMG Benz car.

The singer who sometimes makes controversial headlines recently showed off his prized possession on social media.

MC Galaxy is already having a great year as he copped a new car, a Mercedes AMG which arrived today October 15.

The singer’s BFF, Laura Ikeji was very much around to celebrate with him as he excitedly popped a drink to celebrate his car’s arrival.

Laura wrote;

@mcgalaxymcg got the latest AMG yayyyy so happy for u Galaaaaa

Galaxy could also be heard saying that it was his third purchase of a Mercedes Benz in one month. This would be mean that singer has splashed several millions on the cars and is not looking to slow down anytime soon.

See videos of the new car below;


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