Mechanic returns N10.8m mistakenly transferred to his account

A Nigerian mechanic has earned widespread praise for his honesty and integrity after returning N10.8 million.

The money was said to have been mistakenly transferred to his bank account by a client.

The young man, identified as Mr. Timothy, who repairs the client’s car, took the money to the bank and returned it to the rightful owner.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the client expressed his gratitude to Timothy and urged people to patronize him for his honesty.

Witnesses who gathered at the scene could be seen clapping and cheering as the client recounted the story of Timothy’s selflessness and integrity.

Timothy’s actions have been applauded as a rare display of honesty and principle in a society where corruption and fraud are pervasive.

Watch the clip below:

@eddybliss02; Nice one there God bless him, I am sure he is not of CORN regime. Good mornig Katty Amaka

@jane_fblog; All those people shaking and congratulating him in their mind be saying guy you too mumu honestly

@Cleopatran_;But why is he face looking like he’s regretting the decision? He’s not happy

@TsuwaTHOMPSON; This is the type of Nigerian we want to hear about, applaud and reward!

I wish we could crowdfund at least N250,000 for him – I’ll start it with N25,000.00. To change this corrupt, evil culture many at the top have perpetuated, we must encourage right behaviour.


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