Meet Bj pumping, a professional celebrity drummer (Photos)


Brown Ubom also known as Bj pumping is a professional drummer known for his skills in hip hop and rnb style of drumming.

Brown was brought up in a Pentecostal church, where he eventually played in the worship band there. This was his first taste of playing in a band, and he liked it.

At the age of 17, BJ was among the finalist @ the renowned drum event ‘drum samples’ held in calabar 2006. This competition, Brought him to limelight and also made the name ‘ BJ’. It wasn’t long until his chops and skills on the drums were heard by some key professionals.

Brown has played many tours with obiwon,rasine brown,and worked with square records,kaffy(dance queen)and also shared stage with international acts like ,kurt carr, William murphy, kim burell as a drummer in the common wealth of Zion assembly (COZA) abuja etc

He also organizes lots of drum clinics to inspire up coming drummers and known for his annual drum event ‘GREEN RHYTHMS DRUM FESTIVAL‘ which is rated the biggest drum festival in calabar.

Brown has been influenced by aaron spears, marvin macquity, gerald heyward ,papi J ,jay zymera, and more. Brown ubom plays on a DW drum set.

His drumming style is very funky and technical. Brown currently heads  FLIPTUNEZ a musical band that has worked with lotta celebrities like inyanya, mr eazy , Tossy young ,T Shawn , victor Winn , drucee ,during the calabar festival .

Subscribe to him on YouTube (bjpumping) Or Follow him on twitter @bj_pumping, Instagram @bjbrownubom
@fliptunez (band), [email protected]

For booking for gigs, shows or clinics, please contact him via Facebook, Twitter, or email


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