A beautiful Young Nigerian Girl from Rivers State, has gone viral on the internet due to her amazing set of blue eyes.

We do have beautiful people with beautiful eyes in Nigeria, but most of them are unknown.

Recall that in september,  a Nigerian twitter user posted photos of a little girl she had met at the supermarket in Keffi, Nasarawa State. (see below)

A Nigerian photographer Emily Nkanga then drove down to Keffi to meet the girl who has been identified as Chinyere and took this beautiful photos.

“A couple of weeks ago, @slimtmusic reached out to me and told me about Chinyere and her pretty blue eyes. On Monday, I took a trip to Keffi to see & take portraits of her.

Chinyere is so cheerful, smart, & she lives a simple life with her mum & other relatives. They were all so warm and welcoming!”

she wrote

Another photo went viral of Peace Omana, the Ugwu Seller after she was spotted at Mile 12 Market, Lagos, with her glowing beautiful blue eyes.

Peace has gone on to become a Model.

So if you have been blessed with beautiful eyes, blue, red, white, orange, purple, whichever, Just keep on praying, you might be the next Viral sensation.