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Mike Ezuruonye undergoes a major surgery after production light affected his eyesight (photo)

Nigerian movie star Mike Ezuronye has taken his fans and followers on social media by surprise after coming out to share the story of a health challenge he has been going through.

According to the actor, his years of working behind and in front cameras eventually took a toll on his eyes, as it was discovered that a growth was encroaching his pupils.

“Forgive being reluctant but just had to share..Many don’t know what we go through in the course of our work (film making)..Had a growth encroaching the pupil of both eyes cos of over exposure to harsh movie production lights over the years,” the actor said.

Ezuruonye disclosed that he became scared when he was told that he has to undergo a medical procedure for the correction of what was going on with his eyes.

He said after the surgical process was concluded, he was instructed to keep his eyes shut for about eight hours.

Ezuronye noted that those hours made him appreciate the gift of sight that the lord had blessed him with.

Ezuronye said: “Advised to get surgery done, I was scared. After surgery, for over 8 hours, I was without sight as my eyes were demanded tightly closed, tightly shut by the Ophthalmologist team of doctors..Hmnnn..These made me appreciate more the gift of sight God gave me…Goshhhh that I can never ever take for granted. Scary experience.”
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