“Mohamed Farah shame on you” – Muslims attack British athlete Mo Farah with hate words online for celebrating Christmas


British athlete and Olympic gold medalist, Sir Mo Farah is the latest Muslim to be bombarded with hate words for celebrating Christmas with his Christain followers on Instagram.

The Somalian born athlete and Four-Olympic champion posted a goodwill message, which included a selfie of him wearing a Santa hat and wishing a Merry Christmas to his fans.

But the middle distance runner, who is a practicing Muslim, was quickly criticised by Muslims for celebrating the festive season meant for Christians.

One critic wrote:

‘You are being given the name of our beloved prophet Mohamed and it is better to protect the honourable name and your religion of Islam.’

A second wrote:

‘The respect I had for you went way down. Shame bro.’ A third condemned the runner: ‘Are you serious? You are Muslim you cant do this , I’m sorry for you.’

Despite generating 26k likes on the festive message, another critic said: ‘Mohamed Farah shame on you.’

Although the post attracted positive messages from others. One fan wrote:

‘What’s wrong with saying Merry Christmas? Not like he’s celebrating it. We have people who don’t celebrate Eid and are well known saying Eid Mubarak but that’s not a problem so why is this?’


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