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Mr Jollof pays the school fees of the little girl who was chased out of school in Warri, Delta state


Earlier today, we reported the news of how a little girl seen on the street, expressed bitterness over been sent away from school for owing fees. The way she reacted showed a passionate girl determined to stay in school.

The video soon went viral on the internet as many vowed her strength amazing.

Video below:

Following this, several Nigerians have expressed their desire to pay her fees and sponsor her up to university level.

Many people found the girl’s action funny while others were saddened that she would be denied an education over her parent’s inability to pay her fees.

Some Nigerian celebrities were also moved by Success’s plight and they took to social media to react.

Mr Jollof has now tracked down and paid the school fees of girl who was chased out of school in Warri yesterday.

He also payed for a school bus to Pick her daily to and fro.

The comedian has promised to change her school next term and enroll her in the best school in Delta state next term, and he also promised to take her as his child and Sponsor her from now onwards till she Graduates from any University of Her choice.

Sharing a video of himself with the girl, he wrote;

Success school fees is been settled for this term so she can write her examination. From next term she will resume in one of the best private school in Saplele. Whatever treatment my kids get, she will also get by the special grace of God. We went ahead to pay for school bus that will pick and drop success, no more trekking to school. Success now na BETTER STYLE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!! I will take care of her education from now till she graduate from University (She’s now my responsibility)

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