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Muslim man who criticized actress Rahama Sadau for showing off her bare shoulder called out for drooling over a half-unclad woman

Nigerians on Twitter have called out one Sirdeeq on his hypocrisy after he joined other Muslims to criticize actress Rahama Sadau for ‘showing off’ her shoulder in a new photo meanwhile two days earlier he was drooling over a video of a naked woman.

Sirdeeq had commented on the Kannywood actress’ latest photo criticising her exposing her skin and accused her of lacking good home training.

Twitter users dug out the tweet in which he commented on a video of a heavily endowed woman posted by singer Naira Marley.

“Chaeee am in love with this hips. My wife’s type must be like this.” he wrote.

In yet another video of another woman twerking, he commented “Chai is dis buttom on earth”

Even after he was called out, Sirdeeq insisted that he did nothing wrong but only prayed that his future wife will be well endowed like the woman in the video.

“To wish yourself a big yansh as your wife’s own is something terrible?” he asked.

Meanwhile, he also insisted that what Rahama did is “Islamically wrong”

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