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My girlfriend wants us to marry by January 2021, but my salary is N45,000 – Man seeks advice

A working-class man who believes he is not financially stable enough to get married, has shared the dilemma he is in, following his girlfriend’s request for them to settle down soonest.

He wrote to self-styled relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, seeking advice from Nigerians as his girlfriend says she wants them to tie the knot as early as January 2021, but he doesn’t think he’s financially buoyant to cater for a family.

While revealing that he earns N45,000 per month, and stating that he doesn’t think it will cater for her bride price alone, he also expressed fears that he might lose her to another man.

He wrote;

“My GF and I have been dragging this marriage matter for 7 months now. She says I’m not serious and I don’t want to marry her. I’ve been trying my best. I work for a delivery company and my salary is N45,000. My GF wants us to marry by January, 2021.

“Currently I’m living with my brother because my office is close to his place. If I move out and marry, how do I start a family with 45K and get my own place. My GF does not have a job. She wants to start make up business.

“Should I marry her or break up because she said she can not enter 2021 single. I am under so much pressure. I am losing weight currently. I don’t even know how I will pay her bride price if I agree.”


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