For many years, fans have spoken reverently of Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari’s famous relationship and how it shattered their heart when they split up. And when the actress got pregnant by her mystery partner, many fans speculated that Jim Iyke was the father.

Well, Jim is out here setting all the records straight.

According to the Nollywood actor, what he had with Nadia was not serious, but a simple, fleeting thing scripted for his reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted. He added that, though, it seeped into their personal lives, they both knew what they were doing: they dated for TV, and when the show ended, they moved on.

Read his statement, according to Punch:

“My relationship with Nadia Buhari did not end up in a messy way and why I say this is because two people with an entertainment background met and there was a reality show, so we did the smartest thing any entertainer would do – we entertained the world. It is as simple as that. When the entertainment was done, we went back to our normal lives. So, for anybody that thinks anything extraordinary happened, it was just live television. I got what I wanted and that was the ratings. We both understood what we were getting into and we both got the mileage we wanted and we moved on in life with absolutely no grievances. Although we had something personal which also spanned into our professional world, people should not have thought it would amount to something serious. The ratings were the foremost in our minds and we got that; five years down the line people are still talking about it.”

However, he did sincerely fall in love with a Barbadian, and the relationship carried on for more than a year, but the lady called it quits because he refused to propose marriage.

He said:

“Compatibility and love are not enough to tie the knot. I have been in love before and the truth is that one of my best relationships never made it to the pages of the newspaper. She was a girl from Barbados, she was a very special girl and we were together for one and a half years but I actually lost her. There was something she wanted me to do but I could not at that point in my life because I was a little bit too crazy, hung up on fame and indecisive about life.

She decided to make a decision for both of us by insisting I put a ring on her fingers. She wanted me to make that move or move on so that I didn’t block the space for another man because I wasn’t ready. She moved on because she was that strong even though she suffered the consequence of not being with me for a while. By the time I realised that she was the love of my life and started backtracking, a more discerning man had taken over; that was what happened. By the time I got back, I realised she had another man and even though I wanted to find a backdoor into her heart, I was shocked to realise that the guy is a sharpshooter because she was already pregnant for him.”

And there you have it people!