NEPA man apprehended after cutting police station’s power supply (Video)

A Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN official was apprehended by the police while cutting the power supply of a police station.

The incident which happened in Bayelsa met with quite a number of reactions as many stipulated that he was just doing his job.

In a video making waves on social media, the said man was carried away to an unknown destination by the Bayelsa police officials after he was said to have visited the station to disconnect their power supply.

According to the report, he was directed to do so because the station had failed to pay the estimated bill.

As he was about to cut the light, the police officers on duty seized his ladder and grabbed him.

Watch the video below:


okm_herbal commented; Even police dey owe Nepa

pam_ayy; This country ehn.But why police station no pay light bill

trapp_k_i_n_g; Haha .. anytime I dy see police ehnn ,, I dy laugh..: so afta all the money dem dy thief,, to pay nepa bill na problem

slickdiamondaccessories; Omo this country nah cruisewtf

sisiherb; I no Dey put mouth for family matter

nnenna_blinks_; For this country ehh make sure you get your data at all times. It is very essential. Walahi you can never be deprèss

magamudi; Are they owing or not? We keep passing laws everyday without any intention to obey them. Ridiculous

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