Newly wedded lady in dilemma as she considers leaving husband for ex-boyfriend

A recently wedded woman is facing a dilemma as she struggles with the decision to divorce her husband because she still has feelings for her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Despite getting married to her dream man just last month, the woman admits that she is contemplating leaving her husband to be with her ex-lover.

While acknowledging the abusive nature of her ex-boyfriend, the woman confessed that her heart still yearns for him, despite being in a new and loving marriage.

She expressed concern about hurting her husband, who has been supportive and provided her with everything she could want, but the pull of her former lover remains strong.

She wrote;

“I need serious help… I got married last month to the man of my dreams, he is my long term friend. We reconnected and things worked out for us. We got married last December because he’s not based in Nigeria, he’s bases In the US,
he’s a very good man, he loves me immensely, he provides for me, I never lacked anything since we met, he makes sure I’m good. He knows my family and accepted us the way we are he is caring, he is simply perfect. The issue is I don’t love him that much. I do pity him because sometimes I show it to him but I can’t do anything about it.
I still have deep feelings for my ex who maltreated me so bad, abused me and showed me how bad love could be. After everything he has put me through I still love and have serious feelings for him. My ex got me pregnant a few times and whenever I inform him, he would ignore me after asking me to get rid of it. I lost my self esteem, he never cared about my feelings then. My well-being meant nothing to him. He cheated on me countless times and made me look like a fool. I saw hell while we were together.
The issue is after all he has done my heart still beats for him, a lot more than for the man I married. Recently my ex reached out and told me he had intentions of marrying me. He also said getting married to my husband in such short time meant I was cheating, I had never cheated on him for good 4years we were together I met my husband when he had started ignoring me because I told him I was pregnant.
He abandoned me for months then came back when I had already met my husband and we have fixed date for our wedding .I’m just so shattered I don’t know how to control my feelings over my ex I even messaged him yesterday but seriously I don’t like what’s going on now I just need help and advice. My ex is handsome, fair, tall and rich, my husband is handsome, dark, richer than my ex but he’s not very tall. Asides that, he is he’s a sweet man, I really want someone to help me please, I need advice.”


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