Nigeria beats Dubai to become the new destination for runs girls to get pooped on for money


Nigeria turns host country for Runs Girls and Billionaires to meet and have their sexual activity “Coprophilia”

The word ‘Coprohilia’ According to Wikipedia, it is “the paraphilia involving sexual arousal and pleasure from faeces.”

This is according to a MediaTakeOut exclusive.

Read their report below;

“Remember all the reports of Insta-thotties going to DUBAI and having rich Arabs POOP on them? Well that was ALL THE RAGE in 2017.

But in 2018 – there’s a new THOT HUSTLE . .. and it’s in Nigeria.

According to a POPULAR Instagram MADAME, Nigeria is quickly becoming the GOTO spot . .. for Insta-thotties looking to prostitute themselves DISCREETLY.

Here’s what the MADAME told exclusively:

Girls still go to Dubai, but that’s an old lick. Eastern European and Brazilian girls are now going there for a few hundred dollars. They f*cked the game up.

The new lick is in NIGERIA. There are a bunch of EXTREMELY wealthy (billionaires) there, and a lot of rich men that are comfortable tricking of tens of thousands on p***y.

The only thing is that these Nigerian [rich] men have a fetish. They like their bootys eaten. Almost every man that contacts me says that the girls have to be ready to eat butt.

So what is the going rate for a thottie to fly to Nigeria? The madame told us:

It’s All expenses paid, $2,500 a day (with a three-day minimum). But the girl has to eat booty.


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