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Nigerian Evangelist claims rich pastors will not enter heaven on Judgement Day (Video)

A Nigerian evangelist has sparked controversy with his recent declaration that all the rich pastors and men in Nigeria will not be accepted into Heaven on Judgement Day.

The evangelist, whose name was not disclosed, made the statement during a sermon to members of his congregation in a church.

In his preaching, the man of God asserted that the only way for other clergymen to secure a place in Heaven is by listening to his teachings and abiding by them.

He did not provide any specific reasons or scriptural references to support his claim, but stated it with conviction to his congregation.

The evangelist’s pronouncement has stirred mixed reactions among netizens.

While some found his statement absurd and questioned his authority and credibility as a pastor, others expressed curiosity about his own financial status and whether he himself is a poor pastor.

It is not uncommon for religious leaders to make controversial statements or prophecies that generate debates and discussions among their followers and the wider public.

However, such declarations are often subjective and not universally accepted, as interpretations of religious teachings can vary among different individuals and faith traditions.

Watch the video below:

patrickmirabel09; Thank God say I no follow for anyone,so heaven sure for me

throwbacknaijatvv; With is the Picture of that White Actor doing on the wall?

chukkygallinton; May God supply all your needs according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus…Can I get Amen?

blazedarlington; Okay sir continue being poor leave those that want to be rich

jeffryprettypretty; This pastor dey vex because he is not rich, pastor both rich and poor will make heaven, as far say you nor disobey God

youngjo_official; This one loud , Shock me more Daddy

blessing_luka_mamza; Can you imagine so heaven is meant for poor people? Smh ‍♀️

rychel_baby; Take it easy Assistant Jesus

ada_ify12; E blyk say this man nai poor pastor so he go mk heaven

fat_teemah; True talk… no be wetin Jesus teach them Dey practice… Jesus trekked all through his years preach from mountain to mountain.. healing the poor… Nigeria pastors Dey collect from the poor add to their own…

I have never seen a Nigeria pastor give to charity… except buying luxury…IF YOU DO NOT SUPPORT WHAT I POST AND YOU WANT TO COME FOR ME… “YOU WON’T DIE WELL”.

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