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Nigerian guy calls out his girlfriend for cheating on him with a “Rich Yahoo Boy” (Videos)

A heartbroken Nigerian guy has taken to facebook to call out his girlfriend after she cheated on him with a ‘Rich’ Yahoo guy.

He revealed that he did everything he could to make sure his girlfriend was comfortable but she obviously wasn’t satisfied and so she covetously went on to cheat on him with a Yahoo guy.

According to him, he rented an apartment worth millions of Naira just to make her comfortable but she wasn’t contended and fixed her greedy eyes on another guy whose apartment too was what made her fall for him.

Here is what he wrote;

Come and see what somebody’s girlfriend is doing who already has a boyfriend that loved her like nothing else and did everything just to make her happy.. After all the lies and I’m different it only takes a fine apartment to get in your pants..

God is this how ungreatful girls her.. So the whole world knows now that it was never about me.. You want the phone and the laptop back that you took for granted. I’m sure you left it at his house and was lying you left it at your brothers house. Saying she went to buy suya with her friend while we were going together. How do girls text 2 people i love you ?

Video of His Girlfriend Kissing the “Rich Guy”:

The Rich Guy’s Apartment:

His Girlfriend’s chat with the Rich Guy:


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